What’s this new Course all About Then?

written by Sophie | All, Beginners

January 2019

My very first online painting course is not really a proper course, it is an 8-hour long oil painting demonstration. Yep, I filmed every brush stroke, every mark and every chin scratch, so to speak. And you can be there with me in the studio! 

The Painting Drapery course is a painting demo and then some. The course is divided into 10 chapters and each will have a video and some text with extra information. There are articles on brushes, my palette choices, value and shapes. I hope it will inspire you to try your hand at painting drapery too!

What is this course all about then?

It is not really a course as it has no lessons or homework. It is more a painting demonstration with some educational bits and pieces thrown in. You can watch over my shoulder in the studio, while I talk and paint.

OK, so it is an 'educational painting demonstration' ?

Yeah, I suppose so.

Who is it for?

I have heard many people say they would love to be able to watch while I paint. So for those people, whether they are painters themselves or 'just' art lovers or perhaps collectors, this might well be perfect. 

But it is also a little educational; I talk through what I am doing and why. I explain in various video chapters how I tackle colour, proportion and stuff like paints and brushes. So it is also pretty good for painters as they will hopefully find it interesting to learn how I approach things.

So it is for fans of your work as well as fellow painters?

Yes, that's right. I don't want painters to think it is a beginners course in oil painting, however. It most definitely is not. I am not teaching how to get started, I am not teaching how to paint a still life. But I am showing you how I paint a still life. One can choose to learn from that, or one can just enjoy watching it and listening to it. 

Do you talk throughout?

The course is split into 10 chapters. Almost every chapter has a short introduction in which I explain what I am going to do in the next part. Some important topics like colour and proportions are dealt with here. During the videos I talk now and then but there are many hours of just quiet music (which you can mute if you prefer). 

I hate talking and music at the same time. It can be so distracting!

When I talk there is no background music. The music only starts when there is no talking at all as I didn't want hours of silence... 

Hours? How long is this course?

There is 8 hours of video. Everything is filmed in real time so there is no sped up parts. Of course you can choose to speed things up yourself if you like. You can simply change the video setting to 1.5x or 2x and you will be able to go through it quicker. 

Whenever a spoken bit comes up, or ends, I have put two little asterisks in the bottom left corner of the screen, so you know when to go back to normal speed (or when to turn the sound up). 

Cool. Um, forgot to ask what you are painting?

I created a still life with a glass, a fork and a large piece of bronze coloured silk. A lot of the still life is about painting the folds and pleats of the draped fabric. The glass also makes up a big part of the process.

Why are you painting this?

I have had this piece of silk for quite a while and really fancied painting it! I think I still do so might have to do another painting of it! It is just really beautiful. It looks a little like an old Dutch still life yet it is different. I like these echoes of the past. 

So, how does this course work?

Well, when you go to 'Art School' on my website, you are taken to my online art school, where you can choose 'course' from the menu. On the 'courses' page you will find this course. If you like what you see, you can enrol in the school. 

You can take as short or as long as you like to get through the course.  You will have access to the course (and all other courses) for as long as you remain a member of the school. 

Do you offer personal tuition with the course?

Yes and no, this course is something you can watch in your own time. If you feel inspired to get painting yourself I would be delighted to see it. You can post your efforts in our private community and I'd be delighted to see it and provide advice and tips where I can. As a student of the school you can always ask for feedback and advice. Your fellow students will no doubt also be available for questions, moral and artistic support and so much more! They are a friendly bunch!

If you want more feedback and discussions, you can join my new online community, The Art Cafe, where you will  find a supportive community of fellow art lovers.  

Is it expensive?

I don’t think it is - but you I’ll leave this one up to you.  When you enrol in the art school you will get access to this course and all other courses, workshops and tutorials as well. You can cancel at any time and there is no minimum time you need to stay for. Check out the online art school and see what you think!

Can I watch a trailer?

Sure! Here is a trailer and an excerpt. And of course there is more info on the course page.



Is the painting for sale?

Oops it has sold already. Sorry.

Will you answer more questions?

Ask away!

And for more info, check out the ‘sales page’ here:

Published: August 21, 2018

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