* I am sorry, but I am currently not taking on new commissions * 

Sophie Ploeg, Nicola, oil on linen, 35x38cm. Commissioned

An original work of art is alive and present, something a photo can never match

I am happy to take on commissions of any subject matter; portraits, pets, textiles, still life etc. I work in pastel, oil or graphite. I can work in nearly any size, ranging from miniature to huge.


Portrait commissions usually require a first meeting and one or two sittings for some drawings and an extensive photo shoot.

I can work from your existing photographs depending on the quality of the photos.

If possible I prefer to meet the sitter in their home or preferred environment so I can get to know him or her a little bit but sittings in my studio are possible as well.

We can discuss colouring, clothing, atmosphere and composition and whether you would like a plain background or a more narrative piece and any and all other requirements.

You will be involved in the choosing of the photos and the general look of the painting. I am happy to portray men, women, children, groups, pets etc.

Ms Margie Burnet Ward, headmistress of Wycliffe College,, oil on linen, commissioned.

I am thrilled, She has arrived and I love the picture! I am absolutely sure my wife is going to be thrilled as well. I know it will be treasured for years (generations!?) to come.

I am gazing at her face as I type and I am quite overwhelmed by the picture. The detail and colouring is breathtaking.

A ‘Portrait’ of your Wedding Dress or Veil


Garment commissions such as christening or wedding gowns, veils, grannies shawl, prom dresses, fabric scraps or whatever other heirloom you would like to choose can make beautiful paintings.

A commission like this will require a mutually agreed period of borrowing of the garment. Archival storage is available so your (antique) garments or fabric will come to no harm.

For garments we can work together to come to an interesting idea or composition. Still lives or figure paintings are options for dresses and other pieces of clothing, while other garments might require a still live set up. Other personal and meaningful objects can be included.

It will be a journey in which you will remain very involved if you wish.

Timing & Prices

Please contact me for an individual quote. Commissions usually take 2-5 months to complete depending on circumstances. If you have a special date in mind for a commission, please do let me know and I will be able to tell if I can make it. I have limited availability for travel but please do enquire. Contact me for more details, a more detailed quote and/or any questions.

All my work has been created with professional and wherever possible archival materials and methods. With the right care, paintings will last for generations to come. I sign all my work on the front of the painting.

I might require a non-refundable deposit for the piece, depending on circumstances. I understand it is scary to commission a work of art but rest assured I will do my utmost to create something special and unique for you. If you are not happy with the final painting we will discuss options and work together towards the best possible outcome. I want you to be proud and happy with your art work and thankfully so far all clients have been.