A private Facebook group is for anyone who paints or draws and wants to improve, learn and help others. It's a place to discuss all things art such as technical questions, art history and painting methods, as well as more practical topics such as art materials, medium recipes, and of course feedback on your work.

While you can ask as many art related questions as you like, please do also give back to the group and support and respond to other members too!

The group is run by Sophie Ploeg and you'll find a lot of great free information about art and painting over at Sophie's Blog and Resource Hub at www.sophieploeg.com or in the paid online art school at www.artschool.sophieploeg.com

Please note: while artists who offer art courses are welcome here, this is not a place to tout for clients or to promote your own paintings and courses.

*** If you are a member of Sophie's Art School note this is not our paid members community. You will find that at artschool.sophieploeg.com/cafe***