A Free and Public Community for Artists and Art Lovers

The Hub of Sophie’s Art School


The Art Cafe


A Community for Artists


A place for artists to chat, learn and feel welcome and supported. A place to make friends, share your art, ask your questions, and help others without feeling shy. So, what have you got on your easel today?

This is the school community. Grab a chair, someone should bring you a drink (can’t get the service these days) and join in!

The cafe is the heart of Sophie's art school.  The cafe is free and open to all, and a buzzing busy place full of people painting, chatting, reading and drawing. There are tables for oil painters, pastel fans, acrylics painters and so much more!


How Does The Cafe Work?

The Art Cafe is a free online community. It is a little bit like an online forum or a Facebook group (but without the ads!). It has a 'feed' on the home page, where you will see the latest posts at the top.

In the side bar menu you will find a link to 'Studios'. These are the private sub-forum for paying Art School students. Every course will have its own private studio where students can post their assignments and ask questions.

The main community, The Art Cafe, is free and open to allWhy not pop in and say hello?

This welcome post in the Cafe will explain how everything works, so it's best to START HERE 


If you wander to the left menu in the cafe, you will find the studios. These places are for paying art school students only. I hope to see you there too. 

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