General Questions

How long did it take you to create that painting?
Most of my paintings take anywhere from one month to a few months to create. Sometimes it goes quickly, sometimes it takes a long time. Art can be fickle!

Will this painting last forever?
I can't promise 'forever' but I take my art and your investment very seriously and only use materials and methods that are archival. I expect my paintings to last for generations, provided it is treated with care. 

Is it varnished?
Most of my paintings have received a final varnish. If you want to be sure, please ask. 

I am in love with a painting that is sold. What are my options?
If you have fallen for a piece that is sold, then please contact me and perhaps we can create a bespoke piece for you in a similar style.

Do you offer prints?
I am currently in the process of creating limited edition prints of some of my paintings. Please stay tuned (and let me know which paintings you would be interested in as a LE print). Greeting cards are available of many of my paintings as well. Please see the shop.

Do you accept commissions?
Yes, I have had many portrait commissions and I really enjoy doing them. Commissions for textiles are possible too: a wedding dress, prom dress, or grandma’s shawl could make a beautiful heirloom.  I am happy to do pet portraits or floral work (bridal bouquet)  too. Please just ask if you have an idea for a commission. More information about commissions can be found here.

When will you offer workshops again?
I really enjoyed teaching live workshops but due to circumstances it is simply not possible at the moment. Instead I offer a full school experience online: Sophie’s Art School offers various online painting courses, workshops, tutorials, a private community and so much more. Do check it out!


Can I see more photographs of the piece before I decide?
If you are in no position to come and visit then I will be more than happy to send close up photos, photos of the painting in a room, etc. so you can get a good idea of what it looks like.

What if I don't like it or change my mind?
If you are disappointed after receiving the painting I can offer a full refund, providing the painting is returned to me in perfect condition within a month. Thankfully nobody has ever had to do this and instead, many have made the effort to tell me how much more beautiful the painting is in real life! Please also look at the T&C’s.

Can I come and see it before committing?
Of course you can! If you are in a position to come and visit, then please contact me to make an appointment. 


I don't like the frame, can I buy the painting without the current frame?
Yes, it is no problem to remove the frame from a painting. Depending on the frame I can reduce the sale price as little but usually the sale price remains the same.

I don't like the frame, can I buy the painting with a different frame?
Yes, I can organise a different frame for you. Please just ask and we can discuss your requirements. Do note that it will take extra time to source and make the frame. 

The piece is listed as unframed, can I buy it framed?
Yes you can. If a piece is not framed, then I have simply not gotten around to it yet. You can choose what type of frame you prefer and I will organise this. Do note that I will need extra time to sort this out.

Will I have my painting before x?
I will do my best! Courier delivery times will vary but for the EU and the US it is usually no more than a week. So if you do not require re-framing or anything else, I will do my best to be well on time for your special day!


What payment methods do you accept?
I can accept bank transfers, UK cheques, and payment via Paypal (debit or credit card). If you visit the studio you can also pay with your debit or credit card. 

Can I pay in instalments?
Yes, you can! I am more than happy to accept payment in instalments. We can discuss into how many instalments the payments will be made. The painting will be shipped to you after the final payment has cleared. The painting will be marked as 'sold' after the first payment has been received.


Is delivery expensive?
Delivery is FREE! Well, for most of my paintings it is. For some larger works it might be a little expensive and so I might ask you to pay a contribution. For most smaller works delivery is included. Please check the description for each painting or simply ask me. For other products (cards, books etc) delivery cost will be stated.

Can I collect?
Of course you are very welcome to come and collect a painting in person. Just contact me so we can agree a suitable time and day. If greeting cards are in stock you can also collect. I generally do not have books in stock so they will have to be ordered. 

Can you ship worldwide?
Yes, I can. As long as a courier will deliver, I can ship. For unusual destinations I might need to get a shipping quote first.  I have shipped to the US, Belgium, Italy and within the UK.

How does delivery work?
It depends on where you are in the world. For most paintings I would wrap it up in plenty of bubble wrap and package securely in sturdy boxes. These will then be shipped via a courier (UPS, Fedex, DPD etc) to anywhere in the world.
Large Pieces:
Very large paintings (over 1meter) might get very expensive to ship so I usually request a quote for international shipping before you commit to the purchase. Please do not purchase until we have agreed the shipping costs.
Within the UK I like to use Aardvark Art Couriers for large or fragile pieces.  Delivery is free for most smaller paintings. For larger works, please ask for a quote.

Will the painting be insured in transit?
Most normal couriers will not insure art. Only specialised art couriers will do this and it usually cost a lot of money. I therefore use standard couriers, wrap extremely well and keep my fingers crossed. So far nothing has broken. If anything does happen I will try my best to work with you and the courier to get things sorted, fixed or organise a refund. Please also look at the T&C’s.

About Sophie

Where did you train?
At the kitchen table (so to speak). I have not had any formal art training. I studied Art History at university in Amsterdam and have always loved painting and drawing. I gained an M.A and a Ph.D in Art & Architectural History. I started working on my paintings more seriously in the early 2000’s and things have progressed ever since. I learned through perseverance and the huge and warm online community of artists.  More about me on this page.

Where are you from?
I am Dutch and was born and grew up in The Netherlands. I met my British husband while working on my Ph.D in London and ended up staying in the UK. I have been in the UK for nearly 20 years. 

Why Pastel, why oils?
I have loved pastel ever since I received an old cigar box with pastels as a teenager from my grandmother. I moved to oils after my children were born as it is less messy and easier to stop and start. Both remain my favourite art materials.

Why Lace?
I love challenging myself! In the past I spent some time setting up challenges such as painting rocks, sand or hair. I then tried fabrics and drapery and I was hooked. Lace followed soon and the challenge simply never ends.  I have always enjoyed fabrics; as a teenager I made my own clothes. There were always fabrics, wool or thread lying around when I grew up. Painting fabrics feels natural and close to home, yet a challenge to paint! 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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