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Feature your art on my blog

Get your art work seen by thousands!

I am offering you a space in the sidebar of my blog.

The sidebar is visible on every blog post. My blog is visited by thousands every month so you’ll be sure to get some eyeballs on it!

Fancy it?

$5 £5  for one week
(pay via Paypal)


Send me a good picture of your art work (please resize to around 600px high so my website does not blow up), your name, email and website (or Facebook page, Instagram etc: whichever you want to link to) and you might be featured next!

I will select from the entries and choose the one I find most suitable (not necessarily the best art so if you are a beginner, don’t feel disheartened!).  I will contact that artist and request payment. If you don’t respond I will assume you have lost interest. After payment your image and link will go up on the blog for a week. 

Please note I will let you know when I select your work to be featured.

Don’t call us, I’ll call you!

 If selected I will require £5 / $5  and your work will stay up on the blog for one week.

Get Submitting!

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Fill in the web address you want your image to link to (usually your website or social media page)
Please give some more info about your work or the piece submitted.
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