Painting in Pastel Course

Painting with Soft Pastel

Improve your technique, knowledge and confidence to work with soft pastel 

I am excited to build this course for you!

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Help Me Build It

This pastel course is not built yet

You can help me turn this into the best pastel course ever.

I will be needing a beta-group to be my guinea-pigs. You will be able to provide feedback and together we can create the most useful pastel course for you.  The beta group will be involved from the very start and only pay a special early-bird price in exchange for active constructive feedback and interest The beta group will have limited places available. Register your interest and you will be notified when and how. 

Find the freedom to express your creativity in pastel

What will be in the course?

This course will consists of 4 modules and many lessons inside each module. I expect it to take a few months to work through and am excited to go on this journey with you!

The course is aimed at all pastel painters who want to work on their technique and confidence and improve their realistic figurative art. An (optional) materials list will be provided. 

It took me decades to learn it all and I am keen to share it with you!


I want you to experience different techniques so you can find out for yourself what suits you most.

I will  show you various techniques and  you can join in and experience it all for yourself.  In our online community we can share our efforts for mutual encouragement and feedback. 


Learn about the different pastel types, qualities and brands. Papers, framing and storage. 

Art History

Pastel through the centuries: how did the old masters use pastel? 

I think it is very inspirational to look at other artists’ work. So I would like to dive into the ‘pastel museum’ and explore a few works of pastel art. 

Painting Demos

Short demos to teach a technique; and longer demonstrations to show the development of a painting (Still life and portraiture).


When you finish your pastel journey with me....

You will have experienced a variety of pastel techniques and materials which will have given you the confidence that you can paint whatever you want to paint. You will have submerged yourself in old master pastel paintings and come out inspired and full of passion for the medium.

This course will provide you with the confidence, knowledge and inspiration to go to your easel and start painting whatever you want to paint!

Sophie Ploeg

I have been painting with pastel for 30 years. I have written articles on pastel which were published in Artists & Illustrator's Magazine and the Pastel Journal. I have exhibited my pastel paintings at the annual exhibitions of the Pastel Society and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and have enjoyed many portrait commissions. I have taught pastel painting workshops and am now excited to expand my range to offering online courses.