BP Travel Award

BP Travel Award

A year-long project, via the National Portrait Gallery, researching the role of lace in 17th century portraiture and creating new art works inspired by my findings. 

In 2013 my Self Portrait with Lace Collar was accepted into the BP Portrait Award exhibition.  One of the awards in this exhibition is the Travel Award, which is given out every year in order to allow artists to expand their horizon and work on a portraiture-related project. Every artist selected for the BP Portrait Award is invited to submit a proposal for the Travel Award.

I gratefully received the BP Travel Award for my proposal to research how lace is depicted in early 17th century portraiture in England and The Netherlands. My travel and research inspired me to create a new series of ten new paintings. A selection of the paintings was  exhibited within the BP Portrait Award 2014 exhibition which started in London in June 2014 and toured to Sunderland, Edinburgh and Wales thereafter. Various works have since been exhibited in exhibitions throughout the UK. A book celebrates my project and catalogues the paintings.

The Paintings

The Lacemaker, Oil on linen, 60x50cm. Sold

A Fine Thread, Oil on linen, 60x50cm. Available

Repeating Patterns, Oil on linen, 60x50cm, Available

The Pearl Necklace, Oil on linen, 60x50cm, Available

The Long Wait, Oil on canvas, 101.5x61cm, Available

Remotely, Oil on linen, 60x50cm, Available

The Handkerchief Girl, Oil on linen, 91.4x76cm. Sold

She Becomes Her, Oil on linen, 101.5x66cm, 2014. Sold

Pleating Time, Oil on linen, 40x60cm. NFS

Inside, Oil on linen, 30x24cm. Sold