The Portland Series

The Portland Series is a set of nine paintings which were inspired by the seventeenth century history of the Portland Collection: the collection of art and objects brought together over the centuries by the Cavendish family in their home at Welbeck Abbey in Nottinghamshire. The on-site Harley Gallery invited me to create a series of new paintings inspired by their collection.  I focussed on the early decades at Welbeck in the late 16th and early 17th century and the art created and collected then. My paintings highlight the dynamic between the present and the past, using fabrics and clothing as the thread that binds the two together.

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My solo exhibition at The Harley Gallery opened this weekend with a

Harley Gallery Exhibition

Let me introduce you to my new collection of work: The Portland

Introducing New Works: Identity and Dress

The history of Welbeck Abbey goes back to the 12th century when

Welbeck Abbey and its Owners

Last week I went back to the Harley Gallery at the Welbeck

The Portland Collection

Welbeck AbbeyWelbeck Abbey is a wonderful estate in Nottinghamshire, filled with promise,

A Treasure Trove in Nottinghamshire

I have been working on a portrait inspired of Bess of Hardwick,

Painting Bess

The Lace Trail is a series of paintings created after winning the

The Lace Trail

Jacobean embroidered jackets are a very common sight within the portraiture of

Strawberries and Borage in 17th Century Jackets

Soft and lush, rich and deep colours; velvet is and always has

The Velvet Top Twelve

I visited Hardwick Hall today, a spectacular Tudor mansion, commissioned and lived

Bess of Hardwick Hall

Hardwick Hall, the home of the fabulous  Bess of Hardwick, is a

Hardwick Hall

Bolsover Castle; pleasure castle, occasional home and product of sheer wealth and

Bolsover Castle

  How can textiles from the past have meaning today? How does authenticity

Threads of History